How To Cut Thousands of Useless Calories Per Year!

We all have our own guilty pleasures when it comes to snacking, but new research tells us what the most popular snacks are in the UK. The folks at myvouchercodes looked at the snacking habits of 1,940 people and found that chocolate cookies are the number one fave. And get this, snacking on a cookie here and there can add up to more than 32,000 calories a year!

Anders Nilsson, spokesperson at myvouchercodes explains that when all the calories from all the treats we eat in a year are added up, “it can look pretty shocking.” The average cookie-lover in the UK eats the equivalent of 389 over the course in year, adding up to a whopping 32,256 calories.

Here are the top ten guilty pleasures Brits eat most, in terms of calories:

  • Chocolate cookies – 32,256 calories per year
  • Fast food – 30,177 calories per year
  • Chips – 29,520 calories per year
  • Candy bars – 28,800 calories per year
  • Ice cream – 26,272 calories per year
  • Cakes – 25,272 calories per year
  • Cheese and crackers – 16,450 calories per year
  • Alcohol – 15,456 calories per year
  • Pastries – 15,080 calories per year
  • Other desserts – 14,650 calories per year

Source: Women's Health

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