"Duke" The Bush's Baked Beans Dog Has Died

When the time came for Jay Bush to appear in commercials as the  spokesman for his family’s brand of baked beans, he turned to his Golden  Retriever, Duketo, for comfort.

At a meeting to discuss  commercial ideas in 1996, someone at the table suggested Jay tell Duke  the secret family recipe for the delicious beans. At first, the idea  seemed silly, but Jay whispered in his dog’s ear and the famous Bush’s  Baked Beans series of commercials was born.

The real Duke Bush  wasn’t a fan of the spotlight, however, so a look-alike professional dog  actor was brought in to play the role. That was Sam. He's been in the  commercials for years. 

The company has worked closely with  several dogs who portrayed Duke in its commercials. Sam hasn't been in  any for a "number of years."

Sam, who lived in Apopka just north  of Orlando, was put down last week after battling an aggressive cancer,  according to David Odom, a friend of Sam's owner.

He added that the owner is "heartbroken by Sam's death.  (RIP Sam, here is a Sam Bush's commercial)

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