Check Your Sunscreen for its Expiration Date!

It turns out that a “Good Morning America” investigation discovered stores selling sunscreen that were expired. Each of the retailers is now investigating themselves. Here’s why this is important.

When sunscreen expires, the chemicals break down leaving it as effective as putting nothing on. And for children, especially, that means a wicked and painful sunburn with possible permanent damage.

Now, most sunscreen is okay to use for up to three years after that expiration date, some go bad within a year of expiring. Most brands have an easily understood expiration stamp with the date on it, but Hawaiian Tropic and Banana Boat (except for this year) needs decoding. The first two numbers on those products tell you the year.

Break out your bottles, check them, and regularly replace the outdated product. Just don’t forget to check the store’s product too! Happy summering!

Source: ABC News


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