This Would Make Any Car Buff Cry!

Yet another person has learned the hard way why you shouldn’t keep food in your car.

A rare vintage car is being repaired after a bear tore it up in Arkansas. The 1965 all original Shelby Cobra was parked overnight recently at the Alyeska Ski Resort in Girdwood when its owner woke up to a mess.

The red convertible had a gaping hole in the roof and scratches all over its polished body. He had some Fig Netwons in the back seat and that may have been the reason for the crazy attack. There were muddy paws all over the vehicle, which is a very pricey one. The car is reportedly worth just under one-million dollars, and there are less than one-thousand in the world.

The good news is the car can be repaired. The bad news is, the car won’t be all original anymore. And probably not worth close to a million bucks anymore :(

Source: KTUU

Shelby GT Ruined

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