Get Paid For Doing Something You Love: Eating Nutella!

If you’ve been thinking about changing careers, this opportunity may interest you. The Ferrero Company is hiring 60 taste-testers for their products, which include Nutella, the delicious chocolate hazelnut spread. And it seems they’re looking for “non-professionals” to sample their ingredients, so we’re qualified.

The job vacancy published for the Ferrero research and development company shows the opportunity is in Alba, Italy. So you’d have to be willing to relocate to Italy to land this dream job taste-testing Nutella (as if that’s a bad thing?). The ad says 60 “sensory judges” will need to work two days a week at the company HQ and the only requirements are that candidates have no allergies and can use a computer.

The chosen candidates start work on September 30th, with a three-month course to hone their skills and senses of smell and taste, along with learning the correct terminology to describe the tastes and sensations they experience. And the gig is ONLY TWO DAYS A WEEK, so you’ll have lots of free time to enjoy life in Italy. Sound good?

Here’s where you can APPLY.

Source: Cosmopolitan

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