Not Feeling Your Best In the Mornings? Try This!

If you feel like you have a lot of days where you're just not feeling your best, there are ways you can fix that. According to experts, there are things we all do in the morning that could be setting us up for disaster for the rest of the day. 

Here are some tips: Try not to check your phone right when you wake up. A lot of us like to check our emails and messages when we're up, but chances are we're not retaining much of the info we're reading. 

Avoid heavy lifting - if you're working out in the mornings - start out light, eating protein or fat in the morning instead of carbs will help you to feel fuller until lunch, and eating a whole fruit instead of just drinking juice will give you more of the nutrients and energy your body needs. 

Try it, you could surprise yourself and feel better during one of the hardest parts of the day!

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