Chonga's Labor Day Weekend Fails!

It was an action-packed three days for my Labor Day Weekend. Saturday I played 18 holes of golf and had dinner with friends...that all went great. Sunday we had a family gathering at my in-laws and grilled brats on the barbeque. I was in charge of grilling. The first round of brats went off without a hitch. But they turned out to not be enough to feed everyone seconds. So I had to re-fire the propane grill. Well, ya know how those automatic ignitors don't always work on the first two, three, four tries? Yeah, well this one did on the fifth try, after enough propane built up under the lid that when the ignitor did work, it blew the lid open and out came this mini-fireball that cleared my right forearm of hair like a wax job could never do! Fortunately I'm okay and just singed armhair was the damage caused.

Then on Labor Day Monday, went and played another 18 holes of golf...front nine went great...I was even par through 6 holes! Then on the back nine, we were behind a very slow foursome who took forever on the putting greens causing us to wait a lot between shots. If you don't play golf, you don't know how that can throw off your rhythm and can result in bad shots, which it did for me. Very frustrating. So frustrating in fact that I ended up smacking my golf bag with my 6-iron. What I didn't realize was in the pocket I smacked with my golf club was my cell phone. The result is shown in the pics below as well as my mismatched forearms. How was YOUR weekend?