Gingerbread Man Peeps Are Here!

Now that Halloween is over, we can start talking about all the gingerbread, peppermint, and Christmas cookie-flavored goodies that will be taking over soon. Peeps is already bringing the holiday cheer with their new GIANT gingerbread man marshmallow treats, which are basically the size of a whole sleeve of Peeps in one.

These sugary guys are four-inches tall, dusted in brown sugar, and come decorated with hands, mouth, buttons, and pants and shirt lines, plus, they’re gluten-free! If the enormous gingerbread man is too much for you to handle, they come in a smaller size as well, along with other festive shapes including Christmas trees and snowmen. 

Will you be tempted by Gingerbread Man Peeps? Me? Nope. I believe that eating Peeps, just like exercising, is for other people.

Source: Delish

Gingerbread Man Peeps

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