Monopoly Gets a Hip Makeover...Introducing Monopoly for Millennials!

Hasbro’s classic board game “Monopoly” has gotten a hip new makeover. The company has introduced “Monopoly For Millennials,” the game that trades in the usual real estate for much more valuable“experiences.” Because like they say on the box, “adulting is hard.”

Instead of earning big bucks to spend on homes or railroads, players collect “experience points” by going to music festivals, vegan bistros, thrift shops and farmer’s markets. 

Hasbro has definitely taken the opportunity to roast millennials for their stereotypical lack of money, property, and other responsibilities reflected in the original game. The tagline: “Forget real estate. You can’t afford it anyway.” Ouch.

And the iconic game pieces? Things you’ll never find a millennial without, like a camera, a hashtag and sunglasses. The game goes for a fitting $19.82 (also known as the cut-off birth year for being a millennial!) and while it’s currently sold-out on Walmart’s website, you may be able to find it in-store.

Source: New York Post

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