Scott's Wife Adele has a Tree Fall, Ornaments Crash Everywhere! Oops

So there she was, Scott Tom's wife Adele, working on bringing in the LIVE Noble Fir.  11 trees already up and decorated.  You might think with four dogs, a "Tree-Fall" is bound to happen, and it did! The dogs had nothing to do with this one.  Adele asked our daughter Veronica to help her carry in the Noble Fir, "OK mommy, down in a second." (She was upstairs on her video game).  Apparently her second turned into minutes and Adele decided to take matters into her own hands.  So, she just decided to attempt to bring in the LIVE Noble Fir by herself.  (I was at work on the radio).  With vision obscured by all the branches, she attempted to clear the top of my LaZBoy recliner which she did, but sadly she didn't clear Christmas Tree #4-A Crystal Christmas.  "TIMBERRRRRRRRR" and over it went, smashing, crashing ornaments everywhere.  Even surrounded our Artie Boy who was snoozing.  It was sight to see and quite a mess.   Tree #4 is back in it's full glory!   Ho Ho Ho!!!!   Click here to enter the 12 Trees of Christmas Contest. 

Tree Falls, ornaments smash every where!


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