What's On Sale Now that Christmas is Over? A LOT!

Christmas shopping is officially over. Now, it's time for After-Christmas sales and clearances. 

Where can you get the most for your money? Since the demand is much lower, Fortune Magazine says now is the time to pick up toys and games. If you have any kids with birthdays coming up soon, you could to save some cash. 

Winter clothing will start getting discounted. Most stores want to start putting out their collections for spring soon. That means you can get a good deal on a puffy jacket, warm gloves or other cold weather gear. 

You can get some great discounts on holiday decorations. Just store them for next year. Candles and box-sets are popular holiday gifts for which you should be able to find decent price cuts. 

Look for bedding and towel sales to hit sometime in January. 

Aren't you glad you waited?

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