Need a Hangover Fix? “Pedialyte For Adults” Now Exists!

Pedialyte, the electrolyte drink for kids, is used by grown-ups who need to rehydrate, especially after a night of drinking. 

And now, he company’s taking their popularity as a hangover remedy to the next level and have come out with a product marketed for adults, Pedialyte Sparkling Rush. It’s a powdered sparkling drink mix that you can add to your water on the go to start sipping on all those electrolytes to get you hydrated again.

They can’t call it a “hangover cure” because there really is no such thing, except drinking less alcohol and staying hydrated. But this stuff is supposed to help you handle the headaches and symptoms that we all know can happen the morning after a few too many cocktails. The adult Pedialyte also has half the calories and double the electrolytes as other sports drinks, so they’re watching your carbs for you, too.

Source: Foodbeast

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