Struggling to Get Back to Work After the Holidays? You're Not Alone!

Now that the holidays are over, most people have been back to work for a few days now, but while they may be there physically, it seems mentally they are likely still checked out.

A new UK poll, which could easily translate here, finds that it takes four days for workers to get “back in the saddle” after a holiday break, while the majority of people say they need a full week before they are fully functioning properly.

It seems January is a tough time for most people in the office. Overall, 44% of people believe they suffer from January blues, with 30% of employees expecting work to be awful in January, especially because they know they won’t have time off for while. Actually doing work is an issue too, with a fifth of people dreading the office because they know they’re coming back to a big workload.

  • One thing does make people feel better about returning to work. It seems a quarter of people feel better about it because they know everyone else will be miserable as well. 
  • As for some of the biggest reasons people struggle after the holidays, the horrible weather is the top complaint, followed by the days still being short and dark. 

Top Ten Reasons Folks Struggle After The Holidays

  1. The weather is horrible
  2. The days are still short and dark
  3. There are still months left of winter to go
  4. You feel tired and sluggish
  5. January feels like the longest month of the year
  6. The excitement of Christmas has passed
  7. Re-adjusting to the boring routine of everyday life / the daily grind
  8. Feels like ages before you will have any time off work again
  9. You feel like there's nothing to look forward to
  10. You find it hard to motivate yourself to do any exercise

Source: SWNS Digital

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