Help Stop the Spread of Flu Germs with These Household Cleaning Tips!

When it comes to the flu, diligence in disinfecting is key for keeping your whole family from getting sick.

With flu season kicking into high gear, you’ll need some tips on how to clean so you can avoid the vicious cycle of your family getting it over and over or not getting well quickly.

It’s all about the surfaces of the house and keeping your “patient” in bed. Here are your tips:

  • Quarantine the sick person. When someone coughs, sneezes or even talks, the germs can spread as far as six feet!
  • The flu virus can live on surfaces for 24 hours, so when a sick person touches something, disinfect it. Especially the bedroom and bathroom. Don’t wipe the areas dry.
  • In the bathroom, make sure you get disposable cups, never share towels, and keep toothbrushes uncovered, but isolate the one that belongs to the sick person.
  • Place a large waste can in the bedroom, with a plastic bag, to catch the used tissues. Empty it daily.
  • Open the windows daily to circulate air. It only needs to be for a short time.
  • Transport laundry to the machines in a basket, don’t “hug” it and carry it. Wash your hands after putting the items in the washer.

Source: Today

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