President Trump Offers Compromise In Attempt To End Government Shutdown


As the historic partial government shutdown continues, President Donald Trump provided a plan for what he called "real bipartisan immigration reform" that would end the impasse between both parties and reopen the government. He called it a "common-sense compromise both parties should embrace." 

"If we are successful in this effort, we will have the best chance in a long time at bipartisan immigration reform, and it won’t stop here, it will keep going until we do it all,” he said.

Trump is still asking for $5.7 billion to fund 230 miles of physical barriers at high-priority areas of the U.S.-Mexico border, along with $800 million in humanitarian assistance, and $805 million for drug detection technology. He said that the plan would also call for the hiring of 2,750 additional border agents and 75 immigration judges to alleviate the massive backlog of immigration cases currently plaguing the system.  

Trump said his plan will offer three years of relief for 700,000 DACA recipient, who were brought to America illegally as children, and a three-year extension for the 300,000 people who have been granted temporary protected status. He also said his proposal would allow migrants seeking asylum to do so in their own country so they do not need to make the long and dangerous journey north toward the United States.  

"Our immigration system should be a source of pride, not a source of shame," Trump said as he called on Congress to fix the problem that has been going on for decades. 

Democrats appear unlikely to accept the president's deal, with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi saying the plan is dead in the water. 

"It is unlikely that any one of these provisions alone would pass the House, and taken together, they are a non-starter," Pelosi said in a statement. "For one thing, this proposal does not include the permanent solution for the Dreamers and TPS recipients that our country needs and supports."

Photo: Getty Images


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