Reasons People Knew It Was Time To Get A Divorce

List Of Reasons People Knew It Was Divorce Time

How do you know when to throw in the towel on your marriage? It’s a tough call and BuzzFeed community users were asked to share their answers. Judging by most of them, it took one last straw after plenty of chances for them to get divorced. Here are top 3

  1. "When my husband came home and told me he’d always love me, but he was going to start sleeping with other women and I’d just have to learn to deal with it."
  2. "When he told me that he had been keeping a secret diary of all the things I did 'wrong.' He told me he cheated on me and the only reason he married me was because he needed help with rent. We went to therapy and our therapist told me to end it and get as far away from him as possible."
  3. "I knew when I finally applied for and got my dream job, which was in a different city. He got angry and said there were jobs in the city we already lived in."

Here is complete list!


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