A Rare Bunch Of Grapes Sell For $11,000 At Auction.....But Why?

These Grapes Sold For $11,000 At Auction

A bunch of 24 red grapes offered up for auction in Japan fetched a high bid of $11,000, making them the most expensive bunch of grapes on record. The auctioneer in Kanazawa said businessman Takashi Hosokawa, who owns a chain of hot spring hotels in Ishikawa Prefecture,was the top bidderfor the bunch of Ruby Roman grapes, which hit the market in 2008 and are prized for their high sugar content, low acidity and juiciness. Onlyabout 26,000 Ruby Roman grapesare expected to be sold this year. Only a select number have been made available to keep demand and exclusivity high. (More Here)


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