Reasons People Lie About Their Age

Let’s face it, plenty of people lie about their age. Some people just don’t like to face up to how old they are, while sometimes younger folks feel like they are treated differently because of their age. There are a whole host of reasons why people fib about their age, and now a bunch of folks are sharing those reasons in a new thread on the anonymous Whisper app.

Reasons folks lie about their age include:

  • “People don’t take my opinions seriously when the find out I’m 18. Yet I can say the exact same thing and say I’m 25 and people react completely differently. So I just lie.”
  • “I lie about my age because I like talking to older women. None of them take me seriously when they know exactly how much younger I am then them.”
  • “I lie about my age because I hate others my age so much I don’t want others to judge me because of it.”
  • “I missed out on my youth. I finally got to go to a real college at age 27. So I lied about my age to join a fraternity. Now I’m just keeping up the lie because everyone around me thinks I am 9 years younger.”
  • “I lie about my age online because guys actually treat me how I want to be treated.”
  • “I lie about my age so I can fit in at work. I see how much they don’t include the younger employees and I am not trying to be a part of that club.”
  • “I lie about my age. I say I’m younger to attract guys my own age because they’re obsessed with being wanted by younger women and don’t care about looks.”
  • “I lie about my age on dating apps because most profiles say “no one over 25.”
  • “I’m 28 and always lie about my age. I say I’m younger because I lost three years doing drugs and I don’t want people to ask me about that time. I’ve been sober four years now and rather keep it behind me.” 


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