Get A McDonald's Big Mac For Just 1 Cent All This Week-Here's The Catch!

Here's How To Get A Big Mac For Just a Penny!

When is that last time you used a penny to buy anything? It's probably been a while, especially ifyour favorite restaurant has gone cashless. But now the forgotten penny is about to become pretty lucky becauseMcDonald'sis giving you (one million of you to be exact!) the chance to get a whole Big Mac for a penny.McDonald'sand DoorDash are teaming up to offer you the chance to get one cent Big Macs all this week. They're giving out one million of them, and it's pretty simple to get one. All you have to do is order a Big Mac on the DoorDash app or website, enter the code 1MBIGMAC, and voila! You may still have to pay some delivery fees, but that Big Mac is yours for a cent...on your credit card bill. OK, you're still not using a physical penny, but you get the idea! Read on for a chance to win One Million Dollars! (courtesy


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