Chip Kelly FOR SALE... in spoof Craigslist post.

UCLA football fans are not having a fun year, and someone posted a spoof Craigslist ad “Selling a Used Chip Kelly.” The asking price $9 million. The ad states: “We are selling a used Chip Kelly in broken condition. This antique might still have some value as a fun Christmas present for your ailing, desperate, and gullible football program.”

After a successful five years with the Oregon Ducks, Kelly left in 2012 for the NFL… having mixed success with the Philadelphia Eagles, then a disastrous time with the San Francisco 49ers.

Chip Kelly’s 2019 UCLA football team currently have a 1-5 record. Their only win was a comedy of errors game against the Washington State Cougars. Final score of that one 67-63.

After this year, his duck… might be cooked.

Chip Kelly Craigslist Ad

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