No Joke! Researchers At MIT Want To Create A Data Base Of Poop, Need Photos

We are flushing away valuable data every time we poop!

There are 79 million people around the world defecating at any given time of day.  A new technology company hopes that just 100,000 of them will be willing to turn around and take a picture after they've finished, and then send it to them for research.

Seed, a collective that researches the human microbiome, has partnered with researchers from MIT who are working on an artificial intelligence called Auggi that’s capable of analyzing images of human feces.

‘Every day, you flush away a goldmine of data—your poop’s size, shape, color, texture, consistency, and frequency can offer important insights in your overall health,’ the group’s website claims.

Examine the Bristol Stool Chart Below For Your Viewing Pleasure -lololo Then Click Here for Full story!

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