New Twinkies Cereal Coming To Store Shelves Soon!

Twinkies to become a breakfast cereal

After all these years, it’s finally acceptable to eat Twinkies forbreakfast!

America’s classic goldensponge cakesnack is making its debut in Walmart’scerealaisle in late December, thanks to a collaboration between Post and Hostess brands. The mini golden crunchy version of the beloved Twinkies will cost around $4 per box and not only mimic the long shape of the doughy original, but also tastes surprisingly almost similar to it, too.

The two companies have been on a roll over the past year, turning some of Hostess’ most popular pastries into cereal. This is the third collaboration since the start of 2019, having previously worked onHostess Donettes and Hostess Honey Buns cereals, which launched in January and are still available nationwide.

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