Scott Tom's Sister Gail Courageously Shares Her Smile Story And Her Miracle

This smile belongs to someone very near and dear to me and I want to thank her for her courage to share her “Smile Story” with us, my sister Gail.Her entire life she struggled with weak teeth, had a terrible fear of dentists.After years of decay,gum and tooth pain, the loss of teeth, her smile left her sad, in pain and embarrassed. She never wanted to be in pictures and when she was she never smiled. Her confidence was totally gone. Then we found New Smiles Dental in Sherwood.

My Adele and I took her in to New Smiles Dental and from the moment she walked in the door, she was greeted with kindness, tenderness and respect. Polly greeted her with hands on cheeks, a reassuring smile and gentle hug, everything is going to be fine. Dr. Doyel and Dr. Aanderud at new Smiles Dental are experts in the field of dental implants and new smiles. They meet with each patient and get to know their smile story and listen to your wishes and your goal for a new smile. Then the best procedure is decided upon. Each patient is individual with their own smile story

Once Gail was in the procedure room with Dr. Doyel and Polly, we knew she was about to have her life changed. Because of New Smiles Dental my sister no longer has to live a life of embarrassment, pain and no confidence.They are the reason my sister has gone from a very very sad ‘Smile Story” to one of joy, happiness and many pictures. My sister Gail now has a new smile and a new life ahead.

What's your smile story? Don’t be discouraged, don’t be afraid and don’t wait. New Smiles Dental changed my sister Gail's life with a new smile and they can change yours too!

Let New Smiles Dental Change Your Smile and Your Life!

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