Alex Trebek's Wife Jean Speaks Out On Their Battle With His Cancer!

Alex Trebek's wife of 29 years speaks out on their fight with his cancer!

Alex Trebek‘s wife of 29 years,Jean Currivan Trebek, is speaking out for the first time since her husbandannounced his diagnosis with stage 4 pancreatic cancerin March.

In anexclusive interview with SurvivorNet, which is the world’s first video and streaming platform dedicated to cancer prevention and treatment news, Jean, 54, talked freely about how she’s been relying on her faith, Religious Science (which incorporates ancient healing practices like sound healing, mediation and Reiki) to get through this difficult time.

“Just ask the universe, ‘What’s the next step for me?'” she said when asked what sort of advice she’d give to anyone going through an equally tough time. “The universe will always respond. I am absolutely sure that we live in a benevolent universe that is always conspiring for our highest and greatest good.”


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