Remember This Little Rescued Unicorn Puppy Named Narwhal? What's Next

Narwhal was rescued from the cold, abandoned with another dog

The dog, named Narwhal the Little Magical Furry Unicorn, was rescued in November by Mac’s Mission in southeast Missouri. When the beagle-mix puppy’s picture hit social media, the mission received more than 300 offers to adopt him. But the dog also drew some unwelcome attention, including death threats.

Mac’s Mission’s founder Rochelle Steffen said those two factors - plus Narwhal’s cute personality and loving nature - convinced her to keep the dog.

Steffen toldThe Southeast Missourianshe was concerned her small rescue group couldn’t properly vet people who wanted to adopt Narwhal, and she wanted to be sure he stayed with people who had his best interests at heart.

(Click here for a video of Narwhal and details about his unicorn tail plus what happens down the line)

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