Huey Lewis Was Suicidal After Hearing Loss Diagnosis

Huey Lewis contemplated taking his own life after his hearing loss diagnosis

Huey Lewishas struggled to cope with his hearing loss diagnosis.

In a new interview withtheWhitefish Review,a literary journal in Montana, the beloved singer and frontman ofHuey Lewis and the Newsopened up about living withMénière’s disease and revealed that he contemplated death by suicide when he first got the news.

“This [his diagnosis] has ruined everything. This has absolutely ruined everything,” Lewis, 69, told theReview.“I try not to let it get me down.”

“In the first two months of this, I was suicidal,” he admitted. “I can honestly share that with you. I thought, s—, I’m just going to commit suicide. I actually contemplated my demise. You know, like pills. I figured pills were the easiest way to go. I mean, would I have? I don’t know.”

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