Pepsi Is Creating A New Cola-Coffee Hybrid Drink Called "Pepsi Cafe'"

If you're anything like me, you have quite a few beverages on your desk at any given time. For me, it's usually coffee, water, a diet soda, and maybe even a seltzer. This helps me because I am easily bored, easily dehydrated, and need a constant drip of caffeine. But it can be a pain in the neck when I happen to graze one cup with my hand and ruin my laptop. Whoops! That's why I'm pretty frickin' excited aboutPepsi's newest announcement that a coffee/soda hybrid is coming to shelves in 2020.

Pepsi Café is a drink that blends the tastes of coffee with the taste of aPepsi. It also blends the sweet, sweet caffeine content of both: The drink has about DOUBLE the amount of caffeine as your traditional Pepsi cola, so you don't have to choose between a coffee and soda in the afternoons. You can have one drink that gives you both.

The drink will be coming in regular and vanilla flavors, and though it's not initially available in a diet version, I for one am keeping my fingers crossed.

If this sounds kind of familiar to you, it's because this isn't the first time Pepsi has created something like this: The brand released a similar drink called Pepsi Kona in 1996, but it was just simply too ahead of its time. Pepsi made some tweaks and now we havePepsiCafé.

More on Pepsi Cafe' Here

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