Stormy This Week, Then The Season's First Arctic Blast Coming Next?

All weather models are lining up to the same result, arctic blast!

Winter is here... and if this week's stormy weather isn't enough of a reminder, next week is promising to make it stunningly obvious as signs point to the arrival of our first arctic outbreak of the season.

But first up, we have more traditional type of winter storms: Heavy rains, mountain snows and gusty winds.

But the weekend is within seven days now, so we need to start conveying the potential.

In the general sense, here is how the forecast is leaning now: Cold air will begin spilling into the region on Saturday in the wake of Friday's storm with temperatures dropping Saturday night --- and even on Sunday which would be considered Day 1 of the arctic outbreak.

Here is the full arctic blast weather story courtesy of our news partners KATU Channel 2.

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