Amazing Hard Boiled Egg Peeling Hack I have To Try-Looks To Easy To Be True

Try This Hard Boiled Egg Peeling Hack And See If It Works For You

Hard-boiledeggsare a great, portable snack. Just askChrissy Teigen, who apparently enjoys them nightly! But if you eat them often, you'll know that peeling them can be a total pain. That's why one hack that claims to peel your eggs lickety split is going totally viral right now.

Twitter account Back To Nature shared a video with the caption "Eggxactly how to peel a boiled egg" which, well, whatever, great pun, I guess. Thevideoshows someone putting ahard-boiled eggin a cup with a bit of water. They shake it around and then all of the sudden, give the egg a slight squeeze, and it comes shooting out of its shell, all clean and ready to eat.


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