2020 Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame Inductees For 2020 Include Doobie Brothers

The 2020 Inductees to the R n R Hall of Fame

Well the 2020 Rock n Roll Hall of Fame Inductees have been chosen. As usual, many people are unhappy with some of the selections, mostly because they are not really rock n roll artists. I have to agree. Pat Benatar was passed over for Whitney Houston. Who would you say is more of a rocker, Houston or Benatar? some other tweets about the inductees........

*Houston before Benatar? Biggie before Priest? This is why the Rock Hall is a joke to most.

*What's the point of the much touted fan vote? Just same old safe bull . Rock n Roll ... Yeah right

*You didn't really hear the fans actually because Pat Benatar and Dave Matthews had the most votes and Soundgarden and Judas Priest. So I don't understand how three artists who didn't have enough votes got in? There's really no point in having fans vote when you guys don't care.

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