The Oldest Orangutan In The World Is Right Here In The Oregon Zoo Turns 60

Inji the Orangutan is the oldest in the world!

The Oregon Zoo announced that Inji, their oldest resident, is turning 60! Inji is considered an ultra-geriatric Sumatran organutan.

She is thought to be the oldest orangutan in the world. Her actual birth date is unknown, as she was born in the wild. She was, however, estimated to be around a year old when she arrived at the Oregon Zoo on January 30, 1961, 59 years ago.

“Inji’s in amazing shape for her age,” said Asaba Mukobi, the Oregon Zoo’s senior primate keeper. “She has no major health concerns — she isn’t taking any special medication. Her age and remarkable condition say a lot about the quality of care she’s received over the years.”

The zoo says that both the Sumatran and Bornean orangutan species are considered critically endangered, with fewer than 15,000 Sumatran and 55,000 Bornean orangutans believed to be remaining.

( Courtesy KATU/ photo by Michaek Durham. )

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