An Easter Egg Filled With Cheez-Its. How About Pop Tarts Strawberry Bites?

Would you buy a Cheez-It Easter Egg?

My favorite question to break the ice with a new group of people is: Would you rather have a pint of ice cream or a bag of chips? Now, of course, the correct answer is dipping the chipsintothe pint of ice cream, but when forced to pick one, I cannot be the only one who goes for chips. In the spirit of that, Walmart rolled out a savory Easter egg full of Cheez-Its for folks like me—and maybe you!

It's about the size of a large adult hand and appears to be filled with just the amount ofCheez-Itsyou'd want alongside your lunch or as a snack. This isn't the only unconventional egg Frankford rolled out, though. You can also find others filled with Pop-Tart bites and mini Rice Krispie Treats.

More here for your hunger pangs!

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