Cadbury Creme Egg Frappuccino -The Starbucks Secret Menu In Time For Easter

Wouldn't One Of These Go Dow Really Easy About Now?

Starbucks is usually all over every major holiday and seasonal change: They have special cups and lattes around Christmas and Hanukkah, a cool coffee blend around Thanksgiving, and a bunch of other drinks to celebrate stuff like the weather getting warmer or cooler. And though there isn't an Easter drink this year, you can still celebrate at Starbucks—it’s just on the DL.

Instagram account@SnackGatorhas all the details on the secret menu drink deliciously dubbed theCadbury Creme EggFrappuccino. “Since Easter is coming up, we wanted to share one of our favorites—Cadbury Creme Egg Starbucks Secret Menu Frappucino! Seriously—it literally tastes like a frozen, liquid version of a Cadbury Creme Egg," they wrote.

(Of course everything is drive through at Starbucks now, maybe you can call your barista ahead of time)

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