Special Portland Police Enforcement In April

We Knew This Was Coming-Special Portland Police Enforcement In April

During this unprecedented health crisis, the Portland Police Bureau is reminding our community to STAY HOME and STAY HEALTHY. However, if you have to be on the road, they encourage you to drive safely and obey all traffic laws. You can do your part in this effort by ensuring that all road users get home safely.

Now that the roads are less congested, traffic officers have seen an increase in speeding; more than half of the citations issued last week were for speeding. In the recent week, PPB also saw an increase in the number of citations for speeding +31 mph over the limit.

During the month of April, Portland Police Bureau officers will also be focusing their attention on impaired drivers and distracted driving. These special enforcement missions are part of a statewide effort with funding from partnerships with the Oregon Impact and Oregon Transportation Safety Division.

By working with surrounding partner agencies throughout Oregon, police want to raise awareness and hope their presence on the roads will remind drivers of the importance of never talking on the phone or texting while driving. Issuing citations is not the goal, but a way to remind people of the dangers surrounding distracted driving.

Officers will also be looking for impaired drivers. Remember that drug impaired driving is just as dangerous as alcohol impaired driving. Full Story Here

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