Burger King Offering Students A Free Whopper-Just Go To App Use Your Brain

Students, unlock the code for a FREE Burger King Whopper

The majority of students are out of school and working from home and Burger King wants to reward those that are continuing to study hard. Starting today, Burger King is offering a freeWhopperfor students, but there's a bit of a catch.

To claim the free sandwich, you have to place your order through the Burger King app and uh, solve a question or equation of some sort to unlock the promo code. The questions will fall under all different school subjects including math, biology, chemistry, and literature.

From April 13 to April 20, Burger King will release a new question each day on its social media. Make sure you're following along onInstagramandFacebookto be in the know.

When you answer the question, your response will have to be entered into the Burger King app in order to get the Whopper for free with any purchase. Note that there is a limit of one free Whopper per student, so if you have multiple kids in your family they'll each have to solve the question to claim one for them self.

(More on the story courtesy of delish.com)

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