Wendy's Wants To Give Out Free HUGS! But They Can't So How About Free NUGS?

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Wendy’s feels everyone needs a group hug, but since that is not possible, how about a Group Nug? This Friday, starting at 10:30am, Wendy’s will be giving away free 4-piece chicken nuggets (crispy or spicy) to every car that rolls through the drive-thru. No purchase necessary! Wendy’s is changing its tune from Roast to Toast, celebrating team members and individuals across the U.S. who are going above and beyond day-to-day operations to help make our communities a little brighter. From parents moonlighting as teachers, truck drivers, grocery workers, nurses and more, Wendy’s is shining a light on people doing good, sharing stories of those most deserving of a GroupNug™.

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Thank you Wendy's, FREE is a very good price right now and giving everyone a GroupNug (4 free chicken nuggets) deserves a TOAST to you Wendy's! CHEERS!!!!!

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