A Draft Of What Reopening Oregon Might Look Like-Can You Live With It?

Draft Of What Oregon Might Look Like When Reopened

Face masks might be a ticket of entry to your favorite restaurant.

You could be asked for contact information while paying at the corner boutique.

Karaoke? Out of the question.

As Oregon begins to seriously consider what gradually reopening the state’s economy might look like, these are a few of the details that jump out in early proposals state officials are circulating among stakeholders.

The documents — clearly marked “DRAFT” — offer potential guidelines businesses in the retail, restaurant and child care sectors might have to comply with in order to reopen. They also offer general guidance for the public and for employers.

The result: A picture of a society that is no surprise in the context of the last two months, and yet almost unrecognizable from life before COVID-19 took over American life.

(Here is the full article courtesy opb.org/news)

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