Remember School House Rock As A Kid? Coming To Disney + Next Month

"I'm just a bill-sittin on Capital Hill is my favorite

“I’m just a bill, sittin’ on Capitol Hill…” is about to be stuck in your head on repeat for the first time in decades. Why? (Other than the fact that it’s a very catchy little ditty.) Because Schoolhouse Rock!iscoming to Disney+next month, and oh,the nostalgia.

Remember when you’d have asubstitutein school and they’d wheel the big ol’ TV into the classroom and slap a VHS of Schoolhouse Rock!into the VCR? Yeah, you just knew it was gonna be a good day when that happened. Lights off, TV on, and before you knew it you were learning about conjunctions in a very corny but lovable musical format.

Get more on the story including the "Conjunction Junction" video courtesy

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