Frenches Mustard Now Comes In Beer Form,Yes Mustard Beer! Would You Drink?

Not sure about this one....Mustard Beer?

Beer collaborations come in many varieties—from the obvious (of course, Dunkin’wants to make a coffee beer) to the more forced (was anyone clamoring forbrews from L.L.Bean?) But the most interesting collabs not only grab your attention, but also leave you thinking,That sounds so weird, I need to try it! Here’s a beer that checks those boxes:Colorado’s Oskar Blueshas co-conspired on a beer with none other than French’s Mustard.

Launching on August 1, aka National Mustard Day, French’s Mustard Beer is billed as a “tropical wheat beer” brewed with Key lime, lemon, tangerine, passionfruit, and 150 pounds of French’s Classic Yellow Mustard.

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