New State Fair Inspired Milks Flavors Like Cotton Candy, Fried Cherry Pie

Banana Taffy, Caramel Popcorn, Cotton Candy Flavored Milks

Feeling state fair deprived this year? Worry not, because you can get milk that tastes like fried cherry pie, banana taffy, caramel popcorn, and cotton candy to satisfy your yearning for the annual summer festivity. The dairy producer Borden is back with its state fair-inspired milks– The newest flavor is caramel popcorn, which honestly sounds delightful and like it would do wonders mixed with coffee. The banana taffy flavor is a returning and award-winning option.

Back by popular demand is the brand’s cotton candy flavor, which of course is a bright blue color. The fried cherry pie flavor, is definitely worthy of recognition. You can't call it a line of state fair flavors without a fried one!

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