A New Mayor Cast For The Animated Series Family Guy-Actor Sam Elliott

Actor Sam Elliott new mayor on Family Guy

While he was known by most as TV's iconic Batman, actor Adam West found a home late in his career on Fox's animated sitcom,Family Guy, voicing Quahog's mayor. For nearly two decades, Mayor West was a staple of the series, but that run came to an end with the passing of the actor back in 2017. Now, three years after his death, the series has found a new mayor to replace West's popular character.Sam Elliott, who remains immensely popular in his own right, will be taking on the job going forward.

It was announced that Elliott has been tapped to appear in a recurring role in Family Guy beginning with the upcoming 19th season. This new mayor is actually a cousin of the late Mayor West and, due to Elliott's voice and career, will be named Wild Wild West. Yes, his first and middle name are both Wild. Elliott's character is set to make his debut in a November episode of the series.

More on Sam Elliott on Family Guy here! (Photo courtesy of Fox)

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