Scott Tom Is On Vacation With His Fido Friday Fur-Babies-Back On Monday

Lucy Girl always has a toy in her mouth
Tisha Girl loves the water but has to be leashed or after the ducks she goes!

A huge THANK YOU to our Fido Friday sponsor Pets On Broadway, helping local pets in need since 1990.

Also to Oregon Dog Rescue for all they do for the love of dogs!

Finally, since I am on vacation I won't know for sure if last week's FIDO Friday Featured Fur-Baby Tamale got adopted. Here is the link to his Fido Friday page so you can see him and reach out to Oregon Dog Rescue if interested.

Remember the fur-babies pictured here are part of the Scott Tom Family Herd. But you can start your own with one call or click to Oregon Dog Rescue. Then rely on our friends at Pets On Broadway for all your pets needs. THANK YOU and see you next Fid Friday!!!!! Scott

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