This Hotel Offering Work Passes For 6am to 6pm To Work Remotely From There

Work Remotely From A Marriott With Food Drinks-6am to 6pm A Day Work Pass

This is a great out of the box idea. Marriott offering single day 6a to 6p work passes, including food and drink, but there's more! In select cities the hotel chain is also offering a “Stay Pass,” which combines the day pass with an overnight stay, and a “Play Pass,” which allows folks and their families to escape their home, and enjoy a business concierge, supervised kids’ activities and more.

OH SNAP!!!!! I knew there was a catch! This package is currently being offered in select hotels in Atlanta, Phoenix, Dallas, New York, Toronto, London, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong, with planned expansion in Europe, Middle East and Latin America.

However, I'll bet if you approach Marriotts here locally, they would be willing to come up with a way to help you escape. Let's face it, they need the business. Here is a link to the Marriott webiste. Let me know what you find out!

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