Carson Time Capsule... Tuesday, November 10th.

In the capsule today…

We find Nike debuting a revolutionary shoe design… the Nike Air Max. Shoe designer Tinker Hatfield came up with the idea to use pressurized gas to cushion the foot, and enabling one to see through the shoe!

We find Robin Williams starring in the film Good Morning, Vietnam. Robin plays a radio DJ on the Armed Forces Radio Service. The story is loosely based on the actual experiences radio DJ Adrian Cronauer.

And we find a song on the radio by The Bangles. The Bangles recorded the track for the movie Less Than Zero. “Hazy Shade Of Winter” was written by Paul Simon and originally recorded by Simon & Garfunkel. It’s one of the few Simon & Garfunkel covers to outperform the original on the charts.

What is the year? (answer below).

[Photo: Getty Images]

The year... 1987!

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