Carson Time Capsule... Tuesday, November 17th.

In the capsule today…

We find the arrest of Dorothy Puente. Puente ran a boarding house in Sacramento, and murdered numerous elderly residents so that she could cash their Social Security checks.

We find a comedy starring Steve Martin and Michael Caine in theaters. “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels” is a remake of the 1964 Marlon Brando flick “Bedtime Story,” and the movie was later remade again as “The Hustle” starring Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson.

And we find a song on the radio by Belinda Carlisle. “I Get Weak” was written by Diane Warren, who is also the songwriter for Aerosmith "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing," Cher’s "If I Could Turn Back Time," and "When I See You Smile" by Bad English.

What is the year? (answer below).

[Photo: Getty Images]

The year... 1988!

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