Carson Time Capsule... Thursday, December 3rd.

In the capsule today…

We find John Schnatter opening the first Papa John's Pizza location in Jeffersonville, Indiana. "Papa" John got his start by selling his Chevy Camaro to purchase used pizza equipment, and then set up shop in a broom closet in the back of his father's tavern.

We find one of the most controversial films of the decade, featuring a serial killer dressed as Santa Claus. “Silent Night, Deadly Night” bought saturation advertising on family-friendly TV programs including Little House on the Prairie, leading to outraged parents complaining that their children were becoming terrified of Santa Claus.

And we find a song on the radio by John Waite. John travelled to New York to record the next album, while his wife remained back in England. While recording the album he realized that he actually didn’t miss her, and recorded this song. The couple would later divorce.

What is the year? (answer below).

[Photo: Getty Images]

The year... 1984!

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