Carson Time Capsule... Thursday, December 10th.

In the capsule today…

We find the opening ceremony for EPCOT Center at Walt Disney World. Walt originally envisioned EPCOT as a planned community for twenty-thousand people. The acronym stands for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow.

We find a new TV show on NBC starring David Hasselhoff and a car. Knight Rider features a futuristic and artificially-intelligent automobile named KITT. The two are on a mission to help fight crime!

And we find a song on the radio by Crosby, Stills, & Nash. “Southern Cross” refers to the Crux Constellation, four bright stars in the southern hemisphere, which helps maritime navigation. Stephen Stills got the idea on a long boat trip after his first divorce.

What is the year? (answer below).

[Photo: Getty Images]

The year... 1982!

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