Carson Time Capsule... Tuesday, February 2nd.

In the capsule today…

We find a biographical-crime film based on the true story of a New York City cop on a one-man mission to clean up police corruption. Al Pacino was originally reluctant to get involved, but after one meeting with the subject of the film, Pacino took the lead in “Serpico.”

We find President Nixon at Walt Disney World in Orlando, addressing a convention of the Associated Press Managing Editors. His comments turned a sleepy affair into one of the most infamous press conferences in American politics.

And we find a song on the radio by former Beatle Ringo Starr. Though there are countless Lennon McCartney songs… here we find the only song officially credited to Ringo Starr and George Harrison. “Photograph” was written by the two on a luxury yacht in St. Tropez.

What is the year? (answer below).

[Photo: Getty Images]

The year... 1973!

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