The New Flavors Of Heinz Ketchups We Never Knew We needed, But I do!!!

Hanch, Wasabioli and Tarchup-You know the mix of flavors

Heinz has previously introduced some interesting combinations of “sauce” with their Mayochup (a blend of mayo and ketchup) and Mayoracha (mayo and sriracha), but they’re upping the creative ante with three new products:

  • Wasabioli– a blend of spicy wasabi and garlic aioli
  • Hanch– a mix of hot sauce and ranch
  • Tarchup– combines tartar sauce and ketchup

The only problem? For the time being, the three are only available in Canada at select grocery stores. The price is $2.99 so maybe you have a buddy up north that can ship some to you before they show up in the U.S. (which should be expected in the future if they catch on).

These would be worth the drive north. More here!

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