This Video Of A Dog And His Human Are Motorcycle Riding Soulmates! SWEET!

Michael and Sox, Soulmates on the Road

You know my love for dogs, or you should by now. We have four dogs in the Tom Herd! This story courtesy of Dodo Soulmates really touched my heart.

Meet Michael and Sox. When Michael decided to pursue his dream of moving to Hawaii, he didn’t have a house, a job or a car. But with the support of his beloved husky Sox, he was able to make the transition. He could only afford a motorcycle to get around, so in order to involve Sox in his life, he had a crazy idea. Now after years of riding together, Sox and Michael are traveling to all 50 states on their motorcycle and their bond is deeper than ever.

Of course the sad part is the saying goodbye. When Michael found out Sox had cancer he thought the end was near. Daddy took really good care of Sox and God willing the cancer is past. Another sad reality is the getting old. Not just for dogs, for people too. In this case, watch what Michael does for Sox when the old boy can't handle those long road trips any longer. You will love it!

This video was the highlight of my day!

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